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V-cut Leotard - Floral

Regular price$2,480.00 Sale price

V-cut Leotard - Floral

Regular price$2,480.00 Sale price
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This leotard is made according to body lines, and the material is very stretchy, so it doesn't feel tight when worn. Even if the arms are raised and extended, they will not feel hindered by the sleeves.

The waist has a V-cut design that promotes the visual effect of lengthening the waistline, making it look like wearing a soft vest!

The printed style doesn't show much trace even if you sweat.


*There is a layer inside the dance costume where you can put breast pads)

(Breast pads included)

Size & Fabric & Care

The Peach Dancewear is patterned based on the Asian body shape, and the materials used not only have good elasticity but are also skin-friendly.

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TACTEL has a soft touch, good breathability, and fine lustrous characteristics. Its good moisture absorption can balance the humidity difference between the air and the body, thereby reducing body pressure. It is interwoven with elastic fibers and processed through dyeing and finishing, making it a high-end clothing fabric.

It is a delicate, high-end material so it requires special care:

- It is not easy to fade, but it is easy to dye. When cleaning, please wash separately from other clothes that may fade to avoid staining.

- Suitable for general neutral detergents, try to avoid using hot water.

- It dries quickly so does not need to use a dryer. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to prevent the garment from fading.

- The material is not easy to wrinkle, but if you need to iron it, remember to use low-temperature ironing with a layer of cloth in between.